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Stage III Metastatic Breast Cancer


During her battle she has been forced to quit work. She is a very driven hard working person, and not being able to physically work is putting a toll on her financially and mentally. Pam’s husband fell off a ladder at work last year and broke his back in several places. He had to re-learn how to walk and is now on disability, cannot physically work and is still undergoing procedures.


Their two kids are helping all they can, but their youngest is their son and he will be a senior at Lumberton High School next year. He was forced to quit his athletics teams to help support the family to put food on the table. He works every weekend and most weekdays, and though he  is missing out on the typical teenage experience, he never complains. He simply says “I need to help out.”  


Pam Bohannon has been battling Metastatic Stage III Breast Cancer at MD Anderson in Houston since her diagnosis back in early September of 2018. Unfortunately, she is not just fighting one type of breast cancer, but 3 different types of breast cancer at the same time. One type is so rare that it only effects 2% of women in the world and MD Anderson is currently trying to put teams together to find out how to defeat this specific cancer. And to top it all off, her last round of chemo was denied because her organs are not responding well and her heart cannot physically make it through another round of treatment

Pam’s daughter, Leah, is asking for assistance for her mom and family. While working full time and raising her four-year-old daughter, Leah and her husband are tight on funds. Though they try to help any way they can, they flooded during Harvey and their savings has been depleted. Now the cost of travel and food is adding up and getting to be too much. Pam is struggling to pay her mortgage each month, the bills are piling up and they’re at their wits end. Let’s come together during their time of need and help them on their journey!



SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 | 9:30 AM–2 PM


We'll have a link + drink and boudain + drink all for $3! Stop by and pick you up a yummy lunch or some of the most delectable treats from our bake sale!

Can't attend and want to contribute?! Simply text PROVIDING4PAM to 44321 and choose how much you want to donate!

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