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Meet our


Each beneficiary has their own journey that they're walking and a story to tell. We're honored that we were able to walk part of that journey with them, no matter how small a part it might've been. We are in awe every single day of their strength and courage while they face their struggles head on.

Each and every benefit we throw for our beneficiaries is only possible because of our astounding network of volunteers, our dedicated board members, amazing local business partnerships, extensive planning, and the grace of God.


We pride ourselves on the fact that

100% of proceeds go to the beneficiaries

and/or their families during their time of need. Not a single volunteer, board member, contributor, or sponsor receives compensation for their work with the Circle of Hope and because of this we are able to help the beneficiaries even more.


With the help of every group mentioned above,

SINCE MARCH of 2010, we've been able to help over 150 people and/or their families and have raised over $2MM for them.


Please note that this is not a complete list of our beneficiaries and we are currently working to add everyone to our site.

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