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Dodie Harrington

Breast Cancer


​In 2010, Dodie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She courageously fought and won that battle while always maintaining her smile and positive attitude. Dodie recently took a new job to better provide for herself and her girls. Unfortunately within a month of her new start Dodie was diagnosed with metastatic cancer which had spread aggressively to her liver and spine.


M.D. Anderson, where she was initially treated, offered Dodie no options for long-term survival. Dodie is determined to aggressively fight back against this cancer so she may continue to raise her girls to become strong, independent women (just like their mom). ​​In order to mount this fight, Dodie has had to travel weekly to Arlington to be treated at Arlington Cancer Center where her dear friend Bonita Segura found a doctor who has provided hope for long term survival in the face of this aggressive cancer.


Dodie underwent liver surgery on June 10, 2016 and had 60% of her liver removed. She is doing targeted drug therapy at this time, and has now begun chemotherapy. ​​Her fight will be a hard and lengthy one, and her financial need will be great as she continues to make weekly trips away from her home and family.

COH: "What lead to your need for help from the  Circle of Hope?"

Dodie: In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2016, I went into remission. But later on, in May 2016, I was diagnosed with metastatic Stage IV breast cancer that had metastasized to the bone and liver.


​COH: "What was life like for you before the circle of hope?"

Dodie: I was traveling back and forth alone to Dallas. I'd have to stay 3-4 days at a time. I was constantly away from my family and ended up having to get an apartment in Dallas. Not only did the Circle of Hope help with covering part of my treatment, but they helped me with covering expenses for travel and for my apartment.

COH: "What was it like to work with the Circle of Hope?"

Dodie: It was wonderful. I was in the middle of surgeries and the time, so my (then) fiance and my family helped coordinate everything with them. It was just done. All taken care of.

Because of [the Circle of Hope] I was able to take more care of myself and really focus on getting well.

COH: "What do you want people to know about the circle of hope?"

Dodie: People don’t understand what they do for people. They become your family. They did so much more for me than I’m worthy of. The way everyone came together the day of the benefit and gave 100% and that day was unbelievable.

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