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SETX Circle of Hope Chosen as Recipient for 5Point Credit Union's 15th Annual C.A.R.E. Fund

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

"We're very honored by this recognition by the employees C.A.R.E. group. We are very proud and lucky to have partnered with 5Point for the last 5 years," says Emmett Hollier, President of Circle of Hope.

THE C.A.R.E. FUND Since the C.A.R.E. Fund (Community Action of Responsible Employees) began in 2004, 5Point Credit Union employees have collected over $58,000 for local charities. Previous recipients include The Giving Field, Wounded Warriors Project, The Arc of Beaumont, The Anayat House, The Lone Survivor Foundation, Meals on Wheels, Humane Society, American Cancer Society and more!

"We've always been very involved with Relay for Life as a whole at 5Point, but we wanted to do something from our employees for the community that we can actually see. And the C.A.R.E. Fund is all based on choice from our employees. The things we've learned about the different charities in this area is just amazing," Melissa Kinney

To raise the money, not only do 5Point employees recycle aluminum cans, but they also donate money out of every paycheck to a fund throughout the year. To choose the recipients, employees submit potential candidates and then everyone votes on those candidates. The ballot usually ends up with about 10-12 candidates that were nominated.

Melissa Kenney, Support Services Rep, said that they want to know what charities speak to or actually have an affect on their employees. "We want to help those who have actually helped our neighbors, our members and even our employees. Whoever is right here in the community," says Kenney. Once the two recipients have been chosen, all donations from employees are then matched by 5Point and given to the organizations at a check presentation event each year.

THE CHECK PRESENTATION Southeast Texas Circle of Hope and Buckner Children and Family Services were honored at this year's breakfast and check presentation ceremony on Wednesday, June 12th.

After hearing from both groups and their mission for the community, there wasn't a dry eye in attendance. From Buckner helping children between the ages of 5-17 who are removed from their families due to abuse, neglect or abandonment to the Circle of Hope raising over $1.2MM for families throughout the area... everyone was moved by the stories they heard from each group. Stories ranged from a child being relieved to finally have his own bed and food every day to a child with a muscular disease receiving a special bike that ended up changing the game for the rehabilitation program at Texas Children's.

This year, 5Point employees were able to raise $4,412.34 for the fund which is then matched penny-for-penny by 5Point Credit Union. Therefore, both organizations were walking away with $4,412.34. Chief Executive Officer, Erik Shaw, was present at the breakfast in honor of the 15 years the C.A.R.E. Fund has been operating and growing. He wanted to make the event even more special, so he matched the amount one more time to be split between the two organizations, meaning both groups were granted a grand total of $6,618.51 each!

Shaw said, "These are really outstanding causes and I think it's a good way to celebrate everything [the C.A.R.E Fund] has done for the last 15 years. Like giving kids a safe place to sleep- things we all take for granted. If we can help out a little more, we're going to do it."

All in attendance were blown away at this turn of events, including Hollier. Touched and surprised by the gesture, Hollier says, "Without 5Point and their employees, we could not help those in need. It takes the whole community! We are all very fortunate to live in such a giving community such as Southeast Texas."

To learn more about Buckner and their initiatives, visit their website here.

To learn more about 5Point's charitable causes, get that info here.

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